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 This program is open to all skaters who have participated and completed at least one instructional skating session. All participants must be 5 years old prior to start of the program. A class focusing on the skater’s level will be taught daily, along with an off ice class which may include off ice jumping, conditioning, hip hop, yoga and ballet.

Additional Information...
- A practice session will begin and end each day.
- Skaters should bring a lunch. Vending machines are available for snacks. 
- No skater will be allowed to leave the rink area
- Skaters should bring gym shoes daily for off ice classes.
- Participants must be picked up no later than 2:00 PM.
- A liability waiver must be signed before skaters may participate.

- All skaters must have a current ISI or USFS number. To register and/or renew, please go to SKATEISI.ORG or LEARNTOSKATEUSA.COM

- An Exhibition is planned at the end each week. 


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